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Hear what our students and boarders have to say

I am delighted that I found Juli and began taking lessons with her in 2021. As a trainer, Juli is knowledgeable, patient, and kind. She provides clear instruction and comes up with exercises that are both fun and (appropriately) challenging, thereby helping her students work through various training obstacles. She is generous with her time and her horses; when I experienced a setback with one of my personal horses, I was able to lesson on and learn from Juli's lovely school horses. I would highly reccomend Juli--whether you want to move up the levels or just improve your riding, Juli will tailor a program to meet your goals.

                                                                   - Caitlin Baiduc, Landenberg, PA

To say the least, Juli and Ian are truly amazing people. I’m not just saying that for the sake of the review either, I wholeheartedly mean it. They go above and beyond for their animals, including dogs, cats, and one magnificent peacock (who is better looking than any zoo peacock I have ever seen). They provide a level of care that is exceptional. Since I have been riding since I was a child and lived in several states, I have ridden at many barns. To put it as simply as I can, their level of care for their horses and border’s horses is exceptional. For example, not many barns regularly give all of their horses chiropractic care but they do. Most barns do not do this because they feel that either the horses don’t need it or it’s an added expense that they don’t want to take on. This is where they go above and beyond for their animals. Regardless of expense, they are most concerned with the well being of their animals and THAT is what is most important.

Now let’s get to their teaching. One word…Outstanding. They teach correct English with teachings in all three disciplines, Dressage, Eventing, and Show Jumping. They also teach ALL ages and ALL levels from beginner to advanced. Do not be swayed to ride anywhere else. They are fantastic! I drive 45 minutes one way just to ride there and trust me, they are worth it! As long as they will have me, with or without my own horse, I will continue to ride here.

If you want to know where they get their “chops” so to speak from, Juli Hutchings-Sebring, owner and riding director, is one talented equestrian, to say the least. She not only competes at the three day highest levels, she trains, breaks, and rehabs horses. Her level of expertise is bar none. If you ever want to see her ride, there are some videos on YouTube. She’s amazing and is such a wonderful human being, as is Ian.

                                                                 - Nina Grace, Bel Air, Maryland

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